Hurricane Irma & Jose Preparations

Hurricane Irma & Jose Preparations

Hurricane Irma & Jose Actions - All Southeast Offices

Sept. 12, 2017 5:40 am

As Hurricane Irma breaks apart and continues inland to the Southeast US, we continue to assure that all of our personnel are safe and secure as the situation is assessed in each market. At this time Hurricane Jose appears to be diverting north into the Atlantic and does not appear to pose an imminent threat to the US. We have accounted for all of our personnel and with only minor damage to homes and family we are pleased to report that everyone seems to be safe and relatively intact.

As of this hour,

Broward County facilities are all secured, but remain without power. Structural inspections have been completed and short of minor none structural damage the sites are in very good shape. As a result of the continued power outage these sites will remain closed to all personnel excluding emergency clean-up and utility crews. Please stay home and tend to your personal needs.

Cape Coral, FL office is secured and closed, but remains without power. Preliminary inspection have been completed and again short of none structural minor damage this location also is in very good shape.

Southeast Tennessee facilities have reopened and sustained no damage short of a brief power outage through the night. These sites have resumed normal schedules.

Indiana Facilities are operating on Normal schedules.

SDP is directing all Personnel in the Florida locations to stay home or in the location that you are sheltered at until the authorities release the areas to return to travel. All sites will remain closed until Thursday September 14th, 2017 A.M. at the earliest. This is to afford our team the chance to continue to clean-up the site, repair minor damage, and wait for power to be restored. Should anyone have any questions please contact Dan Kral directly.